Process of Change

We focus on building and capacitating a community of individuals who are committed to social change – and are engaged in work at the grassroot level

Fellowship Building Processes

The SRUTI Fellowship Programme represents the ideals and vision of SRUTI – and with the processes of fellowship building, we are able to build verticals of building perspectives, capacities, outreach and learning.

Perspective Building

  • Undertake learning about laws, social systems, social interventions and issues of local, regional and national importance
  • Development of interconnectedness on significant issues – working with all stakeholders involvement in policy and execution
  • School for Social Change (SSC) –A course for people interested/involved in social change – building youth involvement at the grassroots

Capacity Building

  • Specific theme based trainings on Decentralisation, Forests, Environment and Climate Change, Education, Gender, Caste, Displacement etc
  • Building skills – to involve with EIA, SIA, Film-making, Theatre, Research, and Documentation
  • Abilities to discuss, debate and write reports, build public speaking
  • Use of media/social media to highlight issues
  • Develop team work

Outreach & Learning

  • Awareness building – analysis and dissemination of policy interventions
  • Developing Resources – publication of information on contemporary issues
  • Building involvement with rights-based and citizen-led campaigns
  • Organising, participation in workshops, trainings and events
  • Develop Cross-learning and sharing of ideas

Collective Action through Self Governance

Collective Action through self-governance envisions a society based on the values of decentralization, democracy, fundamental rights and recognizing
best practices in forming and strengthening sangathans local groups at the ground.

Resource Mobilisation and Engagement

Our processes of resource mobilization are developed to build cross-linking on the various aspects of our work, and develop a system of learning and sustained intervention in urban areas. It is also an important avenue for us to interact with, reach out and work on issues of environment, climate change, education, health and livelihood – with all individuals and organisations who support us in our endeavours.

SRUTI has pioneered the process of scrap collection for almost 30 years now. We collect scrap from individual households, RWAs and offices in the Delhi-NCR region. The proceeds from the scrap is directly utilized in supporting the SRUTI Fellowship Programme and other associated needs at the grassroots.

Scrap Donation Appeal

We seek to build innovative fundraising methods to develop support network from amongst friends, well-wishers and associates. SRUTI has organised learning events, donors meet (for interaction and learning) and explored initiatives on livelihood development. These methods have been an integral part of raising awareness on the need to develop indigenous ways of resources.

The process has received widespread attention as we currently have more than 45+ companies/social organisations and 110+ individuals as donors of the scrap collection programme.

We have a network of young people in schools and colleges who have developed articulation on the critical issues that concern matters of environment, forest rights, labour, women’s rights – the several policies and laws that apply in different regions. These help us in reaching more disenfranchised communities, widening our Fellowship network and help deepen efforts by keeping pace with changing realities and facets of development. We also leverage our collective learning and success to create a sustainable movement for community empowerment throughout India