Rural Education NGO - India

As a follow-up to the national-level consultation on the proposed LARR Bill, 2011, held at Constitutional Club on 30th August, 2012,  a series of consultations were proposed in several states to disseminate the main features, positive and negative aspects and other concerns raised by mass movements and various civil society groups regarding the upcoming bill.

Andhra Pradesh

Issues of Small Holder Agriculture in AP; 5th October 2012; Dabbanda, Vishakhapatnam


Small Holder Agriculture: Challenges and Potentials; 27th December 2012; Gandhi Sangrahalaya, Patna


1) Proposed Land Acquisition Bill 2011 and Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Bill (MMDR Bill), 2011; 23-24 Nov 2012; Bagaicha, Ranchi

Madhya Pradesh

Proposed LARR Bill 2011, Land Rights issue and situation in MP; 30 Jan 2013; AIFAC Ashram, Bhopal


Regional-level Consultation on Proposed LARR Bill 2011; 7th December 2012; Sarvodaya Ashram, Nagpur


1) Issues of Proposed Land Acquisition Bill and situation in Odisha, Bhubaneshwar; 27-28 Nov 2012
2) Regional-level PRI Workshop, Bhubaneshwar; 30-31 Mar 2013