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Samir Chaudhuri

Samir Chaudhuri

Director, Child in Need Institute (CINI)

Samir Chaudhuri founded the Child in Need Institute (CINI), a non government organisation in 1974, which targets its services to deprived women and children living in the slums and villages around Kolkata. Samir Chaudhuri qualified as a physician in 1961 from University of Rangoon and subsequently trained as a pediatrician, specialising in child nutrition from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi in 1970.

He has served as a consultant to bilateral, international and UN agencies, advising on emergency relief, health and nutrition programmes for women and children in many countries of Africa and Asia. Samir Chaudhuri and his colleagues at CINI are part of policy making bodies at state and central government at the Ministries of Health & Family Welfare and Human Resources Development in India. He is a past president of Voluntary Health Association of India; President, CINI International and on the boards of Amici di CINI, Italy, Friends of CINI, Scotland, CINI UK, London and other CINI support groups around the world.

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