Work area : Barwani district, Madhya Pradesh

Amit has spent more than 25 years living, learning and working with Bhil adivasis of western Madhya Pradesh. As he was training to be an architect at a Delhi college, he realised the limitations of a college degree in making any real change on the ground – and got involved with Khedut Mazdoor Chetna Sangathan (KMCS) along with veteran activists Khemraj bhai and Khemla bhai (now deceased) and started living his life with the adivasis at Jhabua. He became a SRUTI fellow in 1998.

He resolved to fight alongside people against the exploitation of tribals and demand dignity and rights over forest land so they could assert their rights and demand a dignified life for themselves. He was also one of the founding members of the Narmada Bachao Andolan.

Alongside Jayashree, he co-founded the Adharshila Shikshan Kendra and developed the Naatak India Company, a children’s theatre group focussed on bringing forward local issues – which has received widespread recognition and many awards. Amit has been an integral part of the School for Social Change and is currently mentoring all training pedagogies for the same, along with mentoring SRUTI’s programs. His active involvement in strengthening sangathans and their team of volunteers has made him involved deeply in subjects of social change.

He travels extensively to visit sangathan areas and identify points of engagement with young volunteers, inspiring them to enhance their capacities and interest which help them in sangathan-building in their region With a natural talent for almost all musical instruments, he also curates and sings songs of struggles, justice and equality in Hindi, Bhiladi and Bareli (the language of Bhil, Bhilala and Barela adivasis). He loves exploring newer mediums to amplify progressive voices and inspires everyone to think and see outside the box.

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