Arvind Anjum

Arvind Anjum

Work area : East Singhbhum, Jamshedpur, Seraikela Kharsawan districts, Jharkhand

Arvind was an active member of the JP Movement during his youth in undivided Bihar. He was also the founding member of Chhatra Yuva Sangharsh Vahini. He spearheaded the Chandil Dam struggle in 1986, one of the very notable people’s movements raising questions about the displaced, forced acquisition of land, and the roles and responsibilities of displaced families on such matters. He became a SRUTI fellow in 1997.

The sangathan initiated a successful livelihood cooperative with leadership from within the displaced community through the introduction of cage culture for fishing and community-managed tourism. This was recognized by the Planning Commission in 2013 as a leading model for dam-displaced communities, setting standards for inclusive community ownership and management of resources. A key contribution of the Sangathan has been the lowering of dam height saving 52 villages from submergence in 2010. The group is also actively involved in forest conservation and eradicating caste and communal discrimination.

Using a rigorous method of theoretical and critical examination, Arvind has been instrumental in linking local issues with state and national issues – especially on matters of land, forests, displacement and rehabilitation. An avid reader and socio-political commentator himself, he has published many journals and periodicals. He has been involved with Sarva Seva Sangh, Varanasi as a convenor of their publication unit for the past few years and also mentors initiatives with other Gandhian institutions. Using his sharp wit, ability to tell stories in the most interesting manner, and excellent facilitation skills, he has worked with youth organisations for over 25 years – training them to take on crucial issues in their own area.

Arvind loves music, travelling and engaging with new people.. His long association with grassroots organisations and progressive forums, and sustained mechanism to engage with administration members, allows him to work across a wide spectrum of organisations and networks.

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