Jerom Gerald Kujur

Jerom Gerald Kujur

Jerome Gerald Kujur has worked as a freelance journalist for many years, and has long-term association with adivasi networks, media and activists in Jharkhand. He is also widely respected for his simple living, strong educational credentials and the ability to take people forward together. Jerome has been the Chief Advisor of Sanyukt Chhatra Sangh (a state-level student body), edited Hindi magazines like Janhak, Hari Ghati, Janpath, Jharkhand Ahwaan; and contributed articles to leading hindi dailies. He has also authored books on indigenous displacement issues on Netarhat Field Firing Range Project – ‘Jaan Denge, Jameen Nahi’ and on Palamu Tiger Reserve Project – “Palamu Vyaghra Pariyojna aur WildLife Corridor ka Sach”.

Jerome is also the Convener of Jharkhand Indigenous Peoples Forum and a core member of the Jharkhand Human Rights Movement. He is currently the Secretary of Kendriya Jansangharsh Samiti (KJSS), a people’s oversight organization formed to look after the affairs of the region. The striking and most unique feature of KJSS is that there is no leadership of one person but the leadership of the community. Duties assigned with office bearers revolve, and a post is held for only particular periods of time depending on their own skills, ability to devote time and interest. Few major programs, annually or bi-annually, are organised on a mass scale – to remember the active days of the movements and continue mobilisations along the lines of preserving natural resources. KJSS has extended its reach recently and they are the villages which come under bauxite mining and villages that fall under core area of Palamu Tiger Reserve. Jerome has become a key person to mobilize people and build networks to address the existing issues.


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