Lalmohan Murmu

Lalmohan Murmu

Work area : Dhenkanal and Mayurbhanj districts, Odisha

Lalmohan Murmu, hailing from the Santal community in Mohanpasi village, situated in the Dhenkanal district, has dedicated his life to social work. He has been an integral part of the Adivasi Chetna Sangathan, tirelessly serving the Adivasi, unorganized sector labourers, and farmers in the Jamunali region of the Parjang block since 1999.

His significant contribution came to the forefront when he led a pivotal role in mobilizing the community against the detrimental effects of a stone-crushing factory in 2016. Under his guidance, the community united to address the severe environmental and water pollution caused by the factory. After a strenuous two-year struggle, they successfully safeguarded their land and air from the harmful pollution emanating from the factories.

As a member of the Santhali youth group, Lalmohan took the initiative to establish Santhali study centers in his village and neighbouring areas. These centers provided a platform for children from the Santhali community to learn and preserve their indigenous language, contributing to its promotion and preservation.

Lalmohan’s roots trace back to the Mayurbhanj district. During his regular visits to his ancestral village, he keenly observed the escalating injustices faced by Adivasi communities, particularly the issues of displacement. It was in response to these pressing concerns that Lalmohan took the initiative to establish the Simlipal Adivasi Sangarsh Manch. This organization was formed with the primary objective of advocating for the rights of forest-dwelling communities, under the provisions of the PESA Act and the Forest Rights Act.

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