Narendra Armor

Narendra Armor

Work area : Korba, Surajpur and Surguja districts, Chhattisgarh

Narendra Armor is an active member of several climate action groups in Chhattisgarh. He is deeply attuned to the fragility of the environment and committed to safeguarding constitutional rights. He became a member of the sangathan in 2020.

His primary motivation for joining the sangathan stems from his profound connection to water, forests, and land, as well as his commitment to preserving cultural heritage, livelihoods, and his very existence. His family has experienced the hardships of displacement, which has scattered them far and wide. Therefore, he dedicated his life to educating the communities and empowering them to face the challenges towards the protection and preservation of Jal, Jangal and Jamin (land, water and forests).

The catchment area of the Hasdeo River in North Chhattisgarh boasts a rich expanse of dense forest and serves as a vital habitat for wildlife, notably elephants. Within this region, there are a total of 23 coal blocks. Recently, with the declaration of an elephant reserve area, 9 coal blocks adjoining the reserve have been de-notified, making them ineligible for allocation and action.

This is a result of the collective efforts of sangathan members who have successfully prevented the destruction of ecosystems and displacement of adivasis, marking a significant milestone among its many endeavours. The campaign led by adivasi groups to protect the pristine Hasdeo region has brought attention to protecting the environment and the rich biodiversity of the area, along with highlighting its deep impact on climate sustainability.

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