Sripati Sinko

Sripati Sinko

Work area : Angul district, Odisha

Sripati has played a pioneering role in constituting Malyagiri Adivasi Sangharsh Manch, a people’s collective working with adivasi communities, unorganized sector workers, farmers and other rural communities. When he first came across Adivasi Chetna Sangathan (ACS) working around themes of ongoing inequality, discrimination, corruption, exploitation and injustices, he was strongly influenced and wanted to become an activist, to address the wrongdoings around him.

Through his association with ACS, Sripati got an opportunity to participate in initiatives like School for Social Change and other perspective and leadership-building training workshops organized by various social organisations. These built his interest and zest to work proactively with the sangathan on issues surrounding people’s everyday life and their rights.

His domain of work is spread across creating awareness among people about their rights over resources – land, water, forest and natural resources. Having developed a thorough understanding over the years, Sripati has emerged as a good resource person on constitutional rights, ownership, control and management of resources through laws like the FRA, securing land rights, MGNREGA and other social welfare schemes.

In this region, there are attempts by vested interest groups to divert public attention from issues relevant and important to them. This has severely impacted the freedom and autonomy people enjoy in making decisions. Youth and students, who face difficulties in securing education and employment have become active agents in anti-social and communal activities. Such circumstances have pushed Sripati to work among the youth and student groups in creating political consciousness and human values aiming at strengthening the community towards creating an equal society.

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