Umesh Chaurasia

Umesh Chaurasia

Work area : Khagaria district, Bihar

Umesh is a prominent member of Pharkiya Kala Sanskriti Sangam, a socio-cultural organization established in 2010 to address the recurring flood issues in Khagaria district. The havoc played by regular floods, and lack of civic amenities for common people is a huge concern. He played a crucial role in founding the organization and has since been actively involved in various initiatives.

He completed his master’s from Bhagalpur University. During his academic years, he actively participated in student politics. In 2005, he relocated to Delhi and began working with trade unions. It was during this time that he met Sadre Alam, with whom he shared a common hometown. Together, they decided to collaborate and focus on resolving the flood-related problems in their region.

During the devastating floods of 2010, Umesh and his team conducted surveys and brought public attention to the mismanagement of flood response measures. After returning to Khagaria in 2014, Umesh dedicated his efforts to strengthening the sangathan and concentrating on empowering the youth from marginalized communities. Their work expanded to encompass issues such as school dropouts, girls’ education, communal harmony, social inclusion, and climate justice.

Pharkiya Kala Sanskriti Sangam has successfully built a strong appeal among various groups, including youth, girls, farmers, and the Chamar and Musahar communities. Over the past decade, they have engaged these communities through cultural forums, fact-finding processes, relief work, protests, and public meetings. Their work has gained significant support from like-minded organizations.

The scope of Pharkiya Kala Sanskriti Sangam’s work is extensive, addressing issues such as flood control, gender disparities, caste atrocities, and land reforms. Their interventions have the potential to produce pro-people results and contribute to the well-being of the community. 

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