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Kamal Chand Kispotta

Kamal Chand Kispotta

Senior Programme Executive

Kamal Chand Kispotta is a graduate from Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada and Master’s degree in Social Work with 15 years of professional experiences as a social justice defender towards accessing Social Justice for Dalits and Adivasi Communities. He has demonstrated under various capacities on effective project management, planning, monitoring and evaluation in a partnership approach. During these years as Capacity Building Officer, trained over 10000 volunteers/ Human Rights Defenders. He was instrumental in strengthening the Domestic Workers Forum in Delhi which is now being managed by the Domestic Workers themselves. Later, he worked for National Dalit Movement for Justice, a unit of National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights as a Policy, Campaign and Advocacy Officer and engaged with Members of Parliament on the amendment of SCs & STs (PoA) Act, 1989.  He also coordinated Study on “Exclusion of Dalit and Adivasi Children in the Educational institution”; Campaign towards Zero Discrimination in School Educations in India; and also worked towards bringing a Draft Bill on Addressing Elimination of Discriminations in School Education. He has good exposure to work on gender, rights and entitlements and community engagement.


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