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Program Director

Saurabh has been associated with SRUTI since 2013. He has been working to build the Fellowship Programme by involving with many training and legal workshops. His responsibilities include building synchrony between SRUTI’s initiatives and its members. His focus is on initiatives of public education and awareness, and creating repositories of field updates, reports, case stories, policy analysis and handling overall aspects of documentation.

He has been fortunate enough to meet people and groups at the ground in his work, learn and be inspired by them. He works with community mobilisers and educators with methods of critical pedagogy – helping develop a mutually progressive worldview. He has also organised learning events with those who like to keep their ear to the ground and see the world with a critical lens and a sense of responsibility and idealism. Saurabh believes stories can change the world – and hopes to help those who want to tell their own. He writes sometimes to make sense of things that overwhelm him, and at other times because that is his calling in life.

Saurabh is passionate about issues of human rights and law. He has been working with sangathan volunteers on the ground to build their skills and aptitudes. Learning through evaluation exercises, he hopes to build self-reflection, transparency and accountability among peers and networks.

Saurabh graduated from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai in 2012 with the practice concentration of women-centred social work. He has earlier worked with a Bangalore-based research organisation on issues of democratising technology and governance. As a student, he worked with the police and state systems on the issues of violence against women and learnt about housing and rehabilitation in slum communities of Mumbai.

Saurabh likes to cook, sing, meet friends and travel across the country. As a member of a vibrant and young team at SRUTI, he gets to do all of these quite frequently.

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